Frequently Asked Questions…
Seldom answered.

Click the question to reveal the answer. I will update this page periodically. Remember, there is no such thing as a STUPID question ‘ unless it comes from my front desk. Mike Eden

A: I prefer the terminology ‘inn’ or ‘guest house.’ We offer a cold drink at check- in and a complimentary Happy Hour from 4 to 5 P.M. daily. Sorry, no food in the morning. We do offer coffee, tea (several varieties) and hot chocolate. 24/7/365. However, you can get an outstanding breakfast right next door at Azur. -Mike

A: Yes. The last time I checked, you do need to. There are a couple resorts on Mars where you can make a reservation with no deposit. -Mike

A: Yes, if you must. There are three places off the top of my head within one mile to break a sweat. -Bill

A: As little as possible. You are going on vacation’not the prom. There is no dress code in Key West. So why not take advantage of it? You might even skip a shave or two while visiting the rock. -Mike

A: Yes. If you really think it is necessary to iron something just ask at the front desk. -Mike

A: Sorry, no pets. You can bring your boyfriend or husband if they are house broken. -Mike

A: No, not at present, but there is talk about it in the future. Grab a cab. Tell the cabbie to take you to the Eden House and not the Eaton Lodge or Eaton Manor. -Mike

A: Yes, no, and no. Yes, we have off street parking. It is on a first come, first serve basis. No, we do not charge for parking. Keep in mind there is no need for a car in old Key West and it almost impossible to find parking in high season. If you bring a car, park it and leave it parked unless you absolutely have to go some place. -Mike

A: Don’t we wish. No, our beaches are not our strong suit, and they leave a lot to be desired. Key West does have the largest historic district in the nation. Our sunsets are some of the best and Key West has a flavor like no other place in the world. Lots of folks do prefer Miami and Orlando, that’s why they make Buicks and Chevys. -Mike

A: Funny you should ask. Randy and Victoria Soares were just here and Randy installed a new wireless system at the Eden House. If your computer is wireless ready, you can access our DSL from the pool and lobby areas. I encourage using the internet as little as possible while on vacation. But if you must, you must. -Mike

A: John Koch, P.A., a regular at the Eden House, just laid this one on me. Per John, the SPF breaks down in the suntan lotion after six months and can cause skin irritation. So get rid of the stuff after six months. I am now putting dates on my suntan lotion and I just got rid of some that I know was three and four years old. Wow! John also said that SPF 15 to 45 is only about a 3 % difference. Just use lots of lotion and use it often. -Mike

A: Why not get it straight from the horse’s mouth, see our Island Weather page. This way you can blame it on him if things don’t work out. I love having someone to blame things on. Don’t you? -Mike

A: Why dry your hair in this humidity? Just push it back and head for Duval Street. Some of the rooms do have hair dryers, and we have some dryers at the front desk. Mike

A: We have the best guests in the world. But as George Castanzas would say, ’30 minutes and then throw the ‘garbage’ on the floor.’ I think 60 minutes is more aprophe. ‘ Mike

We have about twenty spaces of off-street parking and about forty rooms. So, it’s first come first serve, folks. There is quite a bit of parking in the neighborhood and (worst case scenario) a garage a couple of blocks away.