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Key West Hotel Reviews and Guest Quotes

Don’t take it from us! Eden House Hotel Reviews tell the story. Here’s what our guests say…

We feel that there is no better place in Key West than the Eden House. We have referred many friends from the Sandusky, Ohio area to there. We love the quiet and feel at home setting. Keep up the good work, and see you in November.

-Rob and Becky Pfanner

 Thank you so much for an outstanding stay recently! My wife and I just celebrated our one year anniversary in Key West and loved our stay at the Eden House. It was a first trip to the Keys for both of us and I chose to stay at Eden House based on the outstanding online reviews. With no knowledge of the island I feel very fortunate to have chose Eden House, we loved the accommodations, location, and overall feel of your facility; we will definitely be returning!!

-Jon R Olivier

We stay with you guys every time we are in Key West. Great service, clean rooms and common areas! It was the getaway that we needed and we love that you guys are going green! Two green thumbs up! We love the Eden House! Keep it up! Thanks, -Molly & Mark

My family and I loved our stay at the Eden House. I’ve never seen any hotel throw in a complimentary open mini bar. Thank you so much and I look forward to visit you guys again.

-Miguel Ramos

WOW!!!! What a pleasant surprise. We stayed there twice this year and can’t wait to come back again. Thanks for your e-mail.

-Leonard Weatherholtz

My husband and I spent our 35th anniversary with you last weekend. We loved the property! Your staff is fantastic! Everyone seemed truly interested in our having a wonderful stay and we did. We will see you again!

-Sue Wingert

My trip this time was so laid back I don’t think I even took a picture! Absolutely loved all the improvements, look forward to the “work out” room, bus center and pool side food service. Fabulous!

-Marianne Ringgenberg

We had a very, very nice time this weekend. It is safe to say that our Eden House experience exceeded our expectations. So nice to receive pleasant, genuine personal service in any business … and so nice to find out that our friends’ recommendations were right on. Michele and I will be back, hopefully soon. And of course, we will recommend Eden House to our friends who will appreciate the experience.

-David Holland

We stayed in your ” Paradise ” for only 1 night, due to a tight schedule. It was a fantastic experience to find such a lovely place. We still picture the hammocks, the pool area, the silence, yes just everything was awesome. We hope to return one day for a longer stay. Best regards.

-Heidi and Poul from Denmark

My husband and I had a wonderful stay at the Eden House. We especially enjoyed the pool and tropical grounds, Azur Restaurant, and the Eden House cats. We are very happy we chose the fun in the sun package and have the lithograph framed in our house.

-Jennifer and David Acton

The stay we had with Eden House was superb — the staff were unbelievable, and the hotel was everything we could have hoped for.

-Tom Murray

Well, we’re back to the ole’ grind after our wonderful stay at Eden House. We had a great time! Thanks to all the cool people we were privileged to meet. It was our first time to Key West and we couldn’t have picked a better place to stay.

-Wilt (a.k.a. Cheech) & Jeanine

Thank you, thank you, thank you Eden House staff and guests!!!! We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to visit again; your website does not do you justice. All our best.

-Paulette and Randy

Dear Maggie, Charles and I had a great time when we stayed at the Eden House a few weeks ago. Take care.


Hey Eden House gang, are you ready for the J-ello shot crew again? Last July was awesome and we are looking forward to seeing some of the same people we met last year. Can’t wait to see you in paradise.

-Kerri & the J-ello shot crew

Hi, back to work after our wonderful, great week at Eden House. We truly loved Eden House and our room (502) was incredible. We loved our “front porch” and sitting out there and watching the world go by. Also, our frequent visits from Priscilla were great. We will recommend Eden House to one and all that will listen and we do plan on returning. The tour Mike gave us was great and made us love it more. Thanks again and hope to see you all soon.

-Charlene Johnson

Mike, Thanks so much for everything. You’re a mensch. Ask Ira what that means. We hate our winter jackets and want to be back there. Take care.

Love, Pierce and Alice

It’s so much easier to stalk you guys with the cameras on! Missed you! Wish we were there!

– Gerri Neugent , WI Lime Lady

Hi Mike, I wanted to give you positive feedback from my visit last week. Your staff is great and their KW suggestions were accurate and great ideas. I never would have gone to B.O.’s Fishwagon unless had Maggie suggested it. It was a fantastic introduction to your town. I like how the staff walks you to your room and very clearly points out the noise restrictions. Having a quiet room was priority to me and hearing them enforce it was appreciated. I thought the laid-back nature of your hotel was perfect for Key West . When, not if, I return to Key West , I plan on staying at Eden House. Keep it simple, keep it funky!

-Todd Little San Diego , Ca.

Thank you, once again, for a wonderful weekend. We returned to The Eden House for our 14th anniversary from Jan. 14- Jan. 17-a bad weekend weather wise if you consider we had no sunset to speak of. One highpoint, however, continues to be the Eden House-the service was wonderful, the people were great, and the amenities made us feel at home once again. It is truly our Key West home.

Thank you, Mari and Steve

The web cams keep us longing for the tranquility of the Eden House, counting the days until we return….103days 2hours 37seconds oops 36 seconds, no wait 35 seconds, can you tell we are anxious to get back.

-Norm and JoAnn Sturdevant

Eden House is a truly magical place and we will always return

 -The Bravehearts

The Eden House was stellar, as usual, despite the guffaws made by a couple of our guests. We would really like to get to know the staff a little better since the next visit (soon I hope) will be our fourth. Not that Mike is short on regulars, or even irregular guests for that matter, he certainly does not need to worry about us ever staying anywhere else in Key West . We have before and there are adequate places aplenty, but there is something special about the Eden House that allows you to feel like you own the place (with the welcome visiting of all the other guests). We can be at the beach in 25 minutes here at home, but that doesn’t seem to beat the mystical feeling of transition that greets us when we step through the (open) front door of EH and feel that first breeze that is the perfect concoction of ac and paddle fan.

-Mike and Jaclyn

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Eden House coming up on two years already. It was the best time we’ve had. We not only loved the Eden House but Key West as well. We are starting to talk about another visit this coming March maybe sooner. Just wanted you to know that the Eden House and Key West are still fresh in our memories!!! We always recommend your Inn for the place to stay


This time of year we start thinking about ripping big powder turns, but we also start daydreaming about warm breezes and rum drinks. Hope to get back there soon – I miss happy hour by the pool. Happy Holidays, and Go Spartans!

-Tall Paul in Denver

Great to see everyone. We had a blast. See you next year or sooner.

-Ryan and Wendy

Just checking in to revitalize the memory of my most pleasant stay anywhere on the globe ever. If the spirit of Eden House is hard to define or describe, I bet it is even harder to accomplish as a hotel owner. There is something about this place that makes me (and my wife, for that matter, sure we will return. From Manhattan 5-star hotels to the Shangri-La of Hong Kong, nothing compares to You, Eden House.

-Mats Glaad



Back from our second stay at Eden House, it was even better than the first time. The memories of our two weeks in room 402 will keep us going through the winter ahead. We were asked when we got back “What did you do?” Answer: “Made new friends, saw some old friends and had two weeks of chilled out bliss.” Thank you to everyone at Eden House for the giving us another holiday to remember. Big thank you to all the staff…. you guys rock! We will be back.

-The Bravehearts

Great to see the gang again (Mike, Maggie, Carlos, Bill, Grant, Big Mike). This was our 2nd trip in 90 days. Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Mike.

-Ted & Ruth Manno

My sister and I stayed for 4 days the end of May and had a wonderful time! The place was exactly what I had expected. The whole experience was so relaxing I can’t wait to bring my husband down. Keep finding myself daydreaming about getting back. Thanks!


Hi Mike, Maggie and everybody; I just can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our stay there. I have my batteries all charged up and feel like a different person. I truly feel like a different person and have a much better look on life.


Hi Mike and Eden House gang! Stayed at your place for only a couple of days last month with friends of mine from UK . We all wish it had been longer!! We loved Eden House! Everyone was so friendly, I felt as if they had known me for a long time. It was like coming home! I and my friends would definitely recommend Eden House to anyone and everyone coming to Key West ! I hope to be able to visit again in the near future! You guys are great…especially Carlos, with whom I corresponded to make the reservations. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you!! Please keep those Eden House emails coming!! They are a great read and give a lift to my day!!


Sure miss you guys! Here I am back to work, just looked at my watch & its HAPPY HOUR!!!! Jim & I had a really great time. We are already looking forward to coming next year. Say HI to everyone for us & we’ll talk to you soon.

-Bonnie in St. Augustine

This is the first year in many that Ernie and I are not able to come to Eden House and I feel yucky. I will not let another year go by without a visit to your wonderful place. This year it couldn’t be helped (to many unplanned expenses, medical, a wedding etc.), but we will be there next year. Our love to all and we miss everyone. Mike, our best to you and your family. Fondly:

-Libbo Talbott and Ernie Fritz.

Hello to everyone (including the j-ello shot crew!) Thanks again Mike for the wonderful stay, 3 years in a row now! Your place makes the 10 hour drive so worth it! Next year we are staying a week through, it is a must! Until then, stay warm! Oh and to Cowboy Tom… Thanks for being our pool hostess!

-Misty & Hope

Mike, Bob, Bill, John, Pasha, and the rest of the E.H. staff- you guys are awesome. Thanks Mike for such a great place, Bob, thanks for keeping me company at 7:00am when everyone else in the big house was sleeping & always remember “BOSAI”, Bill, how about a j-ello shot? John-stay sober, Pasha-I hope you found that I kept the house nice & tidy for you. Thanks for the champagne for the birthday boy. See ya next July if not sooner.

-Kerri & the rest of the j-ello shot crew.

Well, all we can say is, it was better than expected. What a relaxing 3 days. A special thanks to Carlos for all his information and attention. We will be back very soon. Most likely in Sept. It’s worth the 7 1/2 hr drive. Thanks to all for a trip we will always remember fondly.

Hi Guys! I was just sitting here looking at the familiar faces on the website and realizing that the good news is that our next visit is only 4 months away and the bad news is that our next visit is STILL 4 months away!!!! Mike, we can’t wait to try some of the new places that you have recommended – especially the pizza place!! You have never let us down on anything, but you always know the best pizza place! We hope everyone is doing well and can’t wait to see everyone in November!! Kevin and Edie, Tony and Judy, and Jack and Dana – if you guys read this, we are looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Take Care!

-Lisa and Tim

Enjoyed our latest stay at the Eden House. Thanks to Mike, Bob, and all the staff for making our stay so comfortable. We really relax at the Eden House and in Key West . We got home and couldn’t sleep because there were no: tree frogs, roosters crowing (all through the night), no mopeds, and no sirens. All those evening and night sounds that we don’t hear anywhere else. Hope all are doing well.

-Ronny and Patricia Clay Destin, Florida

We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had the last few days! Eden House and the staff were all we could have hoped for and more. What a wonderful experience. We will definitely be back! And thanks for all the super suggestions. You guys are the best.

-Alan and Christiana Conner

Oh how we wish that we didn’t have to leave… We had a wonderful time (4 far too short days) and met a lot of great people. Hopefully we will see some of you again on our future trips down. Carlos and Maggie, we can’t thank you enough for your hospitality as you both made our stay very fun, even if we couldn’t convince you to turn happy hour into happy hourSSS! Bob, if you ever decide you need an intern, please remember to give me a call. Thank you all.

-John and Tiff, Lake in the Hills, IL

Hey Mike, we just spent 5 days there and I’ve been in withdrawal ever since! Eden house is beautiful and it was great listening to your story telling that day by the pool. Thanks for a wonderful time and all of your recommendations; sorry we didn’t get to the parrot on Sat night, maybe the next time around. Thanks again,

Bud & Joanne

Our friends all told us that 4 days is the max that you would want to stay in Key West …. They obviously didn’t stay at the Eden House. We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful and relaxing time we had. A special shout-out to Maggie, Pasha and of course Mike for making our stay everything we could have asked for and more. See y’all next spring. (if not sooner)


To everyone at The House, Thank you all for an awesome time down in KWF! I believe this past trip was my 14th visit to The Island, and it was my 1st time at your place; I have stayed at very expensive places as well as very “cheap” places…The Eden House beats them all! I will definitely stay with you all again (next April!) Mike, thanks for the bottles of Coke and the CD’s that you gave to my brother and me; your hospitality is next to none. In Ohio wishing I was there.

-Gary Wechter

We missed you all so much that we left Michigan after a year (coldest ever) and now live in Margate and look forward to returning home to Eden House very soon. You and your staff are the best in the world. Back in the real world,

Will & Marny Malkin

What a great time in Key West and really enjoyed some “downtime” at the Eden House. The accommodations were very relaxing, the Jacuzzi and the hammock areas were by far our favorites. The staff was very attentive to our requests and knowledgeable of “all things” Key West . Thank you Mike & The Eden House Staff for making our stay in Key West one which we will long remember! We’ll be back soon!


Hey guys, we just wanted to touch base to let you know what a great time we had on our latest Eden House adventure! We learned that 3 day trips are not nearly enough time, so in November we will be there for 10 days! We are already on the countdown. As always, everyone took great care of us and everything was perfect! We enjoyed spending time with Captain Bob on his birthday!!! We will see you guys the next time!! Gone til November!!!

-Tim and Lisa

Way To Go EDEN HOUSE and Crew!

-Mike’s Mom

Just felt the need to visit the site to reminisce on our great stay last November. Coming back to winter has really made me wish I was a conch….. Life’s too short for this snow stuff… take care, have a rum and coke at happy hour for me…..

It’s been a month since we were soaking in the pool, enjoying the sun and loving the life in Key West . Thanks to everyone @ Eden House. We had a wonderful time and will tell everyone in the frozen north about it. Mike, thanks for the CDs, they bring the mood right back! Good luck, have a great year, and we’ll see you again, soon!

-Nancy & Geoff



Thank you for making our stay in Key West perfect! The hotel was beautiful and the staff was exceptionally helpful! Thank you!

-Ellen Fraser

Once again, thanks so much to everyone at Eden House for another wonderful stay. We had a blast! We’ll zap some Happy Hour pictures down to you this week. Geez, this coming back to the real world is tough. It already feels like fall up here in Rochester . See you next September – if not sooner!

-Sue & Norm Fowler

We stayed at Eden House in August 0f 2000 to celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary. Since then we have traveled to many places and Eden House and Key West remain our favorite. We went to Vegas this year and were considering New Orleans next year but I think we’ll be heading back to you!

-Norm & Lisa Reuss

Life just isn’t the same back here in New York State and it’s getting harder to reacclimatize each time we return. We’d like to say thank you to Mike and the Gang for yet another terrific stay. Mike – thanks for the CD’s, we jammed all the way back to Miami . Once in a while we’ll play them, close our eyes, and imagine we’re poolside at the Eden House. We’d also like to say thanks to John for seeing to it that we received complimentary champagne to celebrate our honeymoon, too sweet. Pasha and Olga – thanks for taking such great care of us. You are so kind and we appreciate the extra care you gave us. Well – we met more great people this trip – will stay in touch and pray for a reunion in KW someday. 🙂 Hope all is well at the Eden House – we can’t stay away long, which means we’ll likely return in the winter. Much love.

 – Dave and Amy

First day back to work since returning from Key West . Dang, I wish I had missed my flight so I could have stayed another week (or month) at Eden House. There is no other place in Key West to stay. Eden House has the nicest people working there and did everything to make my time there incredibly relaxing. By the way, high marks as well for Cafe Med! Don’t miss having a fantastic dinner/dessert here!! I hope to be back soon!

-Felicia in So. MD

Dear Eden House Staff! Thanks for everything on our recent trip to Key West with friends, the Koch’s. We had a great time and the Eden House is THE place to stay! We WILL be back!!!

-Steve and Donna Achilles

Hey Everybody, I just wanted to thank you all once again for a great week in the Keys. I will definitely be back. The staff was excellent and Chris was especially helpful with info on stuff to do around town and straightening out my “shared bathroom situation”. What a guy. Anyhow I just thought I’d drop you all a line to say Hi. I so wish I was not at work and was sitting by the pool with a drink in my hand. Ciao,


Hi Mike and all at Eden House. Greetings from Belford, Northumberland , England . Thanks for a wonderful stay with you in May. I am now planning my return to Key West and Eden House in November or December. Everything you provided was exactly what I needed: relaxation, friendship and happy hour. Kate says Hi. See you soon.

Jill Hodge

Hey Mike and the gang. Got home yesterday about 6:30 pm working right now at the fire station. Missing the Keys already. Just to let you know we both had a great time at your place and plan on coming back. Have been telling my friends about your place and how nice it is. Thanks.

The Geno’s

Another great stay at Eden House & Key West Thanks to all of you for making Doris ‘ 55th birthday something really special to remember. It just gets better every year. Mike, thanks for the cds. Say hi to Leon . Hope to see you all next year.

-Walt & Doris Whayland

Mike One of those MSU grads here. Just wanted to say thanks for all the info you gave us last weekend. We did use as much of it as we could with the time we had. We loved Key West and we loved the Eden House. We will be back and we will recommend it. We already posted to and gave you all 5 stars. Thanks again,


We’re home…rats!!! Another terrific stay at the ranch, made even nicer by the crew at EH. Super cast of characters, but where was Goldie?? See you in September… thanks for everything.

-Steve and Kathy

Hello EH gang! We will be back for our third annual visit this June. We honeymooned in 501 July 2001, and I can’t think of a more perfect way to start our happily ever after…and so we’ve decided to try and relive that each and every summer!! From the great staff to the tropical landscape to the great variety of rooms. We’ll be back time and time again. See you at happy hour! With Love

– Bryce & Marcy Ready

Hi Everyone at Eden House! I was there a couple of weeks ago. It was my second straight year, and I can’t imagine staying anywhere else! Like always, it was a wonderful trip. I met a lot of new friends at the Eden House pool, even Mike himself! Maybe I can start doing KW as a semi-annual trip! Christy…So.


We love your place, can’t wait to come back! Please keep us updated on any new news. Just looking at your e-mails makes me want to be there.

Dan Kuchenmeister

A note of thanks for the hospitality, peacefulness, and relaxation provided during our stay. Just what the Dr. ordered. Enjoyed meeting other guests and sharing conversation and laughs. Ira, you are a stand up ambassador for the Key West experience! We enjoyed being within walking distance of the marina and Duval w/o sacrificing the peace and quiet at our home base. We highly recommend a trip to the Half Shell for oysters and shrimp after happy hour. Thanks again, we miss “it” already, and we look forward to our return!! Take care.

Luke & Sherri

Mike, Bob, I had a wonderful time in Key West . My stay at the Eden House was even better I’ll be down again sometime in the near future. Thanks,

Joe Ivie

I can’t believe it!!! Eden House is still here. My husband & I spent many weekends at the Eden house in the very early “80’s” back in the day, when we were just married. I even have a very early business card I cherish, waiting for our return visit. It’s time!

Blanca Sussman

We had a great time being back on the island again. Your warm and generous hospitality was appreciated by us as well. Thanks! We look forward to another visit in the future.

Pat & Joy Zimmer

This will be my 8th year in a row down there. Believe you me; coming from one of the coldest cities during the holidays, KW is the only place to be. If anyone needs recommendations if visiting Chicago during the holidays, the only place I would recommend is being in KW and being pampered by the Eden House. See you all very soon. Your ChiTown Friend for life.

– Dennis.

My stay at Eden House was wonderful. I hated to leave (thanks Bill for the ride to the airport). Since my return to Virginia I’ve been busy, dreaming I was still in Key West , oh yeah and at work too. Today as I watch the snowfall, I am especially dreaming of being by the pool at Eden house. Hope to see you guys soon.

– Sharon

It’s been 3 years since I stayed at the Eden House and I am sure you all probably don’t remember us, but we just wanted to let you know the Eden House and staff rock! You guys are the greatest. Of course you get that all the time. We thought we were going to get a terrible room since we didn’t make reservations in advance and you guys had the last and cheapest room in Key West . Boy were we mistaken. I personally will never stay anywhere else when I am in the Keys! You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work; hope to be back real soon. It’s getting cold here in Minnesota !!!!

P.S. The new additions look great!!!!

I just want to express my gratitude to the ENTIRE Eden House staff for the great job that you do to make people feel at home and comfortable. I was hoping I made the right choice when I booked our vacation there and now know that, along with many other guests that post to this site, There is no way I would ever stay anywhere else on Key West. Keep up the good work and we WILL be back as soon as life allows.

Dennis Fay

Mike, Thank you to you and your great staff for a wonderful week for Audrey and I. I’m sorry its taken a couple of weeks to fire off this message. We had a great time and really enjoyed getting to know you. When trying to describe how beautiful and intimate your place is to others, I just had to show them photographs taken from different angles and time of day. I would suggest putting stills of the property at dusk on the site because it takes on a whole new look. Just my unsolicited advice. I echo everyone else’s feeling that the website really drew us in but the reality of the experience and hospitality was better than we ever expected. Hope everything is going well. I’m really jealous. Please keep the webcams going. It helps on boring days at the office. Thanks again.

Thom in Atlanta

We just returned from another relaxing trip to the Eden House and can’t wait to get back!(Un)fortunately, we have been spoiled and could never stay anywhere else in KW. This was the first trip for our six year old daughter, Shelby, and she has demanded we stay at least 10 days next time! Even she commented how all the guests and staff were like one big family. Hopefully, next time we can eat in the new cafe. That’s all for now…Back to busy life in Miami !

I am sure you have heard this a million times but you guys are THE BEST. From the moment Bill greeted us to when Colleen said goodbye we had an awesome time. Cabs were called when they were needed and there was always a smiling face at the counter. We plan on making the Eden House our annual Mecca for our friends. Thank you for making our experience at the Eden House great!

(Huckestein party)

We enjoyed our stay at Eden House so much; we are already planning the next trip for September! Everyone we met became our “friend”, the staff was great and the cleanliness impressive. See you all soon.

Taz & Bonnie

Thanks for all your hospitality and for providing the perfect place where I can “just be”. I’m already thinking about my next visit! Take care all,


Dear Mike and company: Thank you so much for making our honeymoon the best vacation we ever had! Mike, we loved all of your suggestions and the inn is just beautiful. All of your hard work certainly paid off! We liked it so much we booked our 1st anniversary trip for next May before we left. My family booked some rooms too for a nice adult family vacation. I love to check in to the web cam every now and then just to see what’s going on. Thank God we are only a 3hr. car trip away. Well, hope all is well and we look forward to seeing you soon. Sincerely,

Kristina and Nelson Zuluaga from Miami

Thanks for treating us to the best vacation on earth….The amazing way you all had of making us feel at home was wonderful!!!! Mom made it home safe to Missouri and the girls are back in Fort Lauderdale . Have recommended you to at least 1,000,000 people!!! Just wish we could have brought Bob home with us…Thanks for the memories.

-The Girls
P.S. All of the No-See-Um bites have almost healed. 🙂

We just left today and are already homesick for you all. Hope to see you soon,

Mary & Danny Lyons

Stayed here with an old friend of 30+ years and it was our first taste of Key West . We loved your bikes and the roosters, chickens, cats, palms, pool (esp. in the evening) flowering trees, fish pond, coffee am and happy hour pm. sundeck, front porch, accessibility to everything. We will come again, always.

Andrew and Lenore.